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improve her outcome. >> he kept reassuring me there are new technologies in place he yut rised that he would be able to make my result aesthetically pleasing and help regenerate some of the feeling in the chest area that was lost. >> that is where f?zy graphing comes in. it's been a huge change for us. >> we watched as he performed the procedure, surgeons placed implants under muscle tissue in the chest. they don't compensate for lost breast tissue. >> taking fat and injecting it under the skin renders it softer, more attractive. blood vessels grow into it. nerves grow through it. >> that fat is typically harvested from the stomach area, then pro us sesed into a syringe. >> this is 60. this is brilliant he says these injections help the graphs take hold and remain in place allowing surgeons to model the shapes.. >> i'm injecting deep into the muscle player. -- layer. >> when finished he said patients return to a shape nearly identical to their presurnlry form. >> what we're able to offer is !?b procedure. the breast can be replaced with a combination of implant and fat grafting that ha
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1

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